Cartoons - aka Batman Beyond rules
I'm a huge fan of cartoons. . . It started when I was younger with Disney - especially Sleeping
Beauty.  Eventually it morphed into Batman and the DC world, thanks to Brice Timm.   I started
collecting animation cells, first Disney sericells and then Batman production cells. My goal is to
have a cell of every character from Batman Beyond - currently I have about 50%.  Which brings
me to my Blight trauma.  I have yet to see a single cell of Blight and he was the main bad guy in
the first season.  Odd.   Below are some of the cells I've collected.

Having discovered Batman Beyond, which is my favorite cartoon,  I started reading the comic
books.  Since the Batman Beyond book only lasted a couple of years, I discovered the Green
Lantern and Kyle Rayner.  Unfortunately, DC comics decided to revive Hal Jordan, so now all I
read is Nightwing. I miss Kyle Rayner!

Basically my cartoon world comes down to Batman Beyond and Terry McGinnis for TV and the
Green Lantern and Kyle Rayner for comic books.
Disney Cells
Comic Books
Beauty and the Beast
Green Lantern - Issue 100
Last Green Lantern - sigh
Sleeping Beauty
Batman Beyond
My stack of comics
Superhero Cells
Kyle Rayner rules!
Superman and Supergirl
Batman and Robin
Batman Beyond Cells
Batman Beyond Opening Sequence
Batman and Ten
Mr. Freeze
Auggie Dog and Daddy Dog from Upper Slovenia