Slovenia 2005
  • Portoroz and St. Bernadin - October 9th and 10th
    Staying at the Grand Hotel we visited the city of Piran and just shopping and site seeing
View of the Adriatic from our hotel room
Looking down at Priam from the Cathedral
  • Ljubljana - October 11th
    On the road we stopped at St. Mary of the Vision and met Father Niko and Socerb Castle in Strunjan.  
    From the castlke you can see Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.  Arrived in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia,
    and toured the castle and the city.  There was a soccer match that evening with Scotland.  I never saw
    so many kilts!
In front of St. Mary of the Vision
Socerb Castle
Manja and Father Niko
Kilts in the middle of Ljubljana
  • Bohinj and Lake Bled - October 12th
    Took a cable to the mountain top at Bohinj.  It was cold up there but the barley soap was great.  We
    then went to Lake Bled and went to the church in the middle of the lake.  We wrong the bell - which
    makes your wish come true.  I can't really say that I wished for anything.  Went to Avsenik for dinner -
    polka bands rule!
Climbing the steps to St. Mary's - the chuch in the middle of Lake Bled
Lake Bled
Polka 'til you drop
Overlooking the lake
  • Celje and Lasko Brewery - October 13th
    Stopped at Trojane to get krofe - Manja promised it was the best - and then continued on to Celje.  
    Celje has an old castle with an interesting story of people being locked in the tower.  The town was
    originally a Roman city and the buildings with red roofs are the Roman town (you can see this from the
    castle).  Toured Lasko brewery - "In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here".  Drove
    through Logarska valley where we stopped for dinner and saw a waterfall.
Waterfall - nice hike through the woods
Castle at Celje
Celje from the castle - the red roofs mark the Roman town
Lagorska Valley
Lagorska Valley
  • Sticna, Bishop Barga, and Istenic - October 14th
    We visited the Cistercian monastery in Sticna with tour guide Tadij.  It was really beautiful.  Had a
    picnic with potica which Ruth and I bought at the market and strudel from Fr. Perkovich's family in the
    Krka valley.  Afterward went to see the birth place of Bishop Barga.  Has lunch at the best place ever!!!  
    If your in Slovenia go to Gostilina Javornik  - they even have a web site!  After lunch went to Istenic for
    champagne tasting
Monastery at Sticna
Inside the Monastery
Bshop Barga's birthplace
Group in front of the monastery
  • Finding the Zagorc family - October 15th
    With a free day, Aunt Marian and I rented a car and a driver (Gregor) and drove to Petane which was
    Grandpa Zagorc's village.  We actually did meet Grandpa's niece Maritca.  We spent the day with them
    in Jurka Vas (where she lives) and in Petane (where her son still lives).  I couldn't eat dinner - I was
Aunt Marian in Petane
Marion, Marijca, Aunt Marian and me - first meeting
Family Vineyard
The family homestead - it was fixed up so it is not the same one Grandpa lived in.
Grandpa Zagorc's family in Slovenia
Priam - there was a tory about the balcony but I can't remember it
Inside the cathedral