North Carolina 2009
January 7 - 13  Flew to North Carolina to help Bernie move Amanda to Walt Disney World - she's in the
college program.  While there Bernie planned a special site-seeing trip for me.
  • Friday January 9th
    Bernie planned a site-seeing trip for me - knowing that I love history.  She and Father Tony took me top
    Tryon Palace in New Bern.  This was the house of the royal governor in North Carolina - like
    Williamsburg.  The actual palace was burned down, but they had the original plans and the original
    site (the stable is the original)so the palace was rebuilt.  After we stopped for lunch at Patty Crab Shack
    and then went on to Fort Macon in Bogue Bank.  The fort was built after the Revolutionary War.  It was
    used to secure the coast and played a part in the Civil War,  the Mexican War, and the Spanish-
    American War.  What I found more interesting is that the fort was re-tooled for World War II.  Big guns
    were added (and they were huge) to protect against u-boats.  I didn't realize how many u-boats were
    right off of the American coastline.  They has a map with all of the ships (British, American, and
    German) sunk off the coast during the war.
  • Monday , January 12th
    Moved Amanda in to her new apartment at Disney World.  Below are some pictures of her place!
Father Tony, Bernie and our tour guide
Tryon Palace
The Kitchen
garden at Tryon Palace
A really cool walkway
Tryon Palace from the South Lawn
looking at Tryon Palace from Dixon house
Tryon Palace
Fort Macon
Inside Fort Macon
Fort Macon
Fort Macon
Walking to the Ocean - you can see the Coast Guard Station in the background
Amanda's Room
Amanda in her kitchen
Waiting for a table at Rainforest Cafe