New York 2008
New York 2086 -  This trip was with Christy, Gail, Christy's mom (Susan) and Christy's
sister-in-law (Kristen).  The trip was in May and was just a short trip to see plays. The play
was the first week of May and was to celebrate Christy's birthday.
  • Day One
    Arrived in New York City early in the morning and left our luggage at the Milford hotel - which is right in
    Times Square.  The hotel was OK - nothing special really.  We ate breakfast and then had the bike ride
    through Central Park.  Afterward we walked to Rockefeller Center or some drinks - I've bever been
    there without the ice rink!  Our first play that evening was The Little Mermaid - which was a big
    disappointment to me.  I was actually annoyed by the production.  They were trying too hard to wow
    people with there effects.
  • Day Two
    The group actually split up.  They all went shopping and site-seeing.  I met my brother Mark and then
    took the subway and the ferry to Staten Island.  I spent the day with Mark and Talesa at their house,
    walking on the pier and then driving around Staten Island.  The play that evening was Wicked which
    only two people in the group had already seen (they had tickets in Cleveland but there was a blizzard
    so the performance was cancelled).  Play was as good as I remember - I loved the Elpheba we saw,
    but not so much the Firero.
  • Day Three
    A half day - shopping in the morning.  Everyone was looking for souvenirs.  I didn't need to get any, but I
    did find a magnet with my Mom's name, Mercedes, so I had to get that!  We split the plays up - Christy,
    Gail and I went to see South Pacific and the others went to see Gypsy.  I loved South Pacific.  It was
    what I was really looking forward to this one.  It had my two people from Light in the Piazza - yes my
    Fabrizio was playing Lt. Cable.  It was wonderful!  Rushed back to the hotel and to the airport.  Another
    NYC trip was over.
Christy's family
In Central Park
In Central Park
Our poor bike riders
Staten Island Ferry
The Statue of Liberty is in this picture
View from Mark's house
Fort Wodsworth
View of the Verazano Bridge from Mark's house