New York 2006
New York 2006 -  Trip to New York to celebrate Amanda's graduation from High School.  
Somehow I was talked into bringing Connie along too.  Now I know what they mean about a
third wheel!
  • July 2nd
    Arrived in New York.  We took a carriage ride in Central Park and then went to see the final
    performance of Light in the Piazza.  Yes I saw the play three times in about a six month period.  I really
    loved that play.
  • July 3rd
    Our shopping day, or Amanda's graduation present.  We walked all of 5th Avenue, stopped for mass at
    St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then ended up at Macy's.  We bought lunch from a street vendor.  In the
    evening we saw The Drowsy Chaperone.    Amanda and Connie loved Adolpho.
  • July 4th
    Happy 4th of July!
    We took the first ferry boat to the Statue of Liberty.  We met some very nice people waiting in line.   Will
    and his parents and Ben and his family.  Will was this 5 year old boy who knew more about the status
    of liberty than anyone I know!  In the evening we went to a special even at the Empire State building.  
    Their really was no "food" so it was good we ate before.  Connie once again showed her deep fear of
    people dressing up as characters - she was not happy to see King Kong.  Fireworks were very nice
    although it's weird to look down on fire works.
They're just happt to be here!
Final Curtain for The Light in the Piazza
Breakfast at our hotel
At Light in the Piazza
Filming a commercial
We made Connie go to mass
Connie and Amanda at New York Public Library
Amanda and Connie at Tavern on the Green
Statue of Liberty wannabees
How we spent our time at the Statue of Liberty
with our friend Will
with Amanda at the Statue of Liberty
Connie, Amanda, and Adolpho
Times Square
Going to the top of the Empiure State building
Amansa at the top of the world - er the Empire State Building
Can you tell the difference between Connie and Amanda?
Carriage Ride in Central Park
at FAO Schwartz
Remember me to Herald Square