New York 2004
New York 2004 -  This was a wonderful trip with my friend Angel!  At this time I wasn't keeping
travel journals, so I don't remember what we did every day so this is all from memory . . .  The
trip was in October, which was a wonderful time to visit NYC.
  • Day One
    Arrived in New York staying at Park Central Hotel.  The first day we went through central park by bike -
    no I wasn't riding the bike I was making someone else work hard.  We also walked to Times Square
    and then ended up at the top of the Empire State building.  That evening we saw the play Wicked which
    was still in it's initial run.  Idina Mendzel was still playing Elpheba (yeah!) and Joey McIntyre (from New
    Kids on the Block) was Firero.   
with Angel at Central Park
John Lennon memorial
building while touring Central Park
The Met at Lincoln Center - I love Lincoln Center!
Gershwin Theater - great play.  The Broadway wall of fame is in the lobby of the theater.
At the top of the Empire State building
Visibility was great that day!
You can even see Central Park clearly
  • Day Two
    Walked to the all the way from Central Park hotel to the Statue of Liberty.  It was a really wonderful
    walk.  We stopped at various places along the way - Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Ground Zero, Wall
    Street, etc.  We just basically stopped any place that seemed interesting.  We got to the harbor around
    2:00 but there was no room at the inn.  The initial announcement was that we couldn't get in the Statue
    but the island was open.  Five minutes later the island reached capacity.  So we walked the harbor and
    found the monument for the armed services.  Took a cab back to Macy's (Angel swears that the cab
    driver would have waited for me all day!), then walked up 5th Avenue.  Play that evening was Phantom
    of the Opera.  That was my first time on Broadway, but about the tenth time I've seen it.  I was bored.
Ground Zero
walking around we saw the Empire State building
Remember me to Herald Square
Angel with her Teddy Bear.  Had to leave it - it wouldn't fitr in the plane's overhead bins.
Wall Street - I took this while eating a hot dog
Ground Zero