Ireland 2008
September 11 - 26 In place of going to England since Uncle Frank was in the hospital, I re-arranged some
travel plans, and Uncle Tom and Aunt Ann were nice enough to allow me to visit.  Instead of listing every day
and what we did, I'm just going to list highlights.

  • Walked the walkway to a lighthouse.  The walkway was across from Howth -  which I was visited in
  • Uncle Tom, Aunt Ann, Sorcha and I drove to Wicklow County.  We took a carriage ride to Wicklow
    Mountain National Park which was beautiful.   I saw the heather on the hill!
  • Went to see "An Ideal Husband" at the Abbey Theater, which was not ideally cancelled that night
    because the lead actress was sick and they don't have understudies.  Uncle Tom and I stayed for
    free drinks and he managed to get me in to take a peak at the theater.  It's ine of the oldest theaters in
  • Went to a special exhibit on Central Europe painters at the Mitofsky gallery and we met an artist friend
    of Aunt Ann who is a painter
  • Drove to Dalkey which is the town where  Bono lives.  The houses all had beautiful views of the sea.  
    Went to Avoca Weavers for lunch.
  • Went to Finnegan's in Dalkey - which is frequented by Maeve Binchey
  • Culture Night in Dublin.  We stopped in the Irish Film Festival to meet Aunt Ann's artist froend for the
    Ukrainian reception.  Stopped at Davy Brynes for drinks - which apparently James Joyce used to write
  • Visted Croke Park - right after Tyrone won the Irish Football finals.  It's not soccer, and it's noit rugby,
    and it's not North American football.
  • Visited Airfield which is a really large farm donated to the city of Dublin.  There were beautiful English
    gardens - I'd like to plant and English garden here - and lots of animals (sheep mostly, cows. little
    ponies, etc.)
Resting on the way to the Lighthouse
Heather on the hill
On the road
A beautiful little brook in Wicklow County
Got to meet some of Aunt Ann's family when we bumped into them in Glendolaugh
Old Cemetery and tower
If you can reach your arms around the cross your wish will come true
Celtic Cross
In the ruins of the old church
Carriage rode to Wicklow Mountain National Park
Our horse
Makes you wish you were in Ireland
Uncle Tom's new Bentley
The play that might have been
Croke park.  The field is more than 3X a North American football field
Croke Park - this is the awards stand.  Tyrone just won the day before for Irish football
Uncle Tom and his little pony
One of the beautiful gardens at Airfield
This reminded me of an old 1930s movie with a car coming down the road