Ireland 2010
September 11th - September 25th
Visiting Uncle Tom. Aunt Ann, and Sorcha.  Spent most of the time at their house in Connemara, just outside
of Clifton. Uncle Tom and I spent a lot of time driving from their home in Ballyconneely to Galway every day.  
Some really pretty landscapes and towns along the road
Dublin from above
back of the house
back yard
front of the house
room with a view
local horse - horses are much prettier than cows
the back yard
the back yard
Living room from above
Kitchen from above
The Country Club's golf course
I found a rainbow
Castle of the Pirate Queen - the only female privateer under Elizabeth I
Landscape on the way to Galway
Another view of the church
I loved this church by the stream.  Finally took a picture on the last day!