Rome and Vatican City - 2005
  • Outside Vatican City - October 4th
    Arrived in Rome around 7 am and checked into the hotel.  The hotel was around the corner from
    Vatican City, so we walked to the Vatican, shopped a little, and visited the Castle of Angels.
Aunt Marian and me
I'm at the top of the castle and that's Aunt Marian and Marge
The Angel
Castle of Angels
Marge, Aunt Marian, Me, and Linda
  • Papal Audience - October 5th
    To the Vatican for the papal audience.  We arrived early with our special blue tickets.  We didn't
    know where we have to stand.  Turned out it was on the platform.  If it was a baseball field and we
    were standing on first base, then Pope Benedict was on second base!
Pope Benedict
Tour group
Pope's walkabout
St. Peter's Basilica
  • Classical Rome - October 5th
    In the afternoon we took a tour of the Forum.  As a history major, my new plan is to learn Italian, quit
    my job and move to Rome and be a tour guide!  Our guide was Bruno (my soul mate) and it was a
    wonderful afternoon.
Forum from Palatine Hill
Forum from Palatine Hill
Bruno the Tour Guide
Tour group - I should have stood next to Bruno!
  • Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica - October 6th
    Next to the forum, the next best thing!  Must be all the art history classes.  The tour was only a half
    day, but Linda, Ruth and I stayed longer tracking down all of the art I saw in class (Laccoon, School
    of Athens, etc.)  I was most excited to see The Pieta - too bad it has to be behind glass now.
Very cool Vatican parking lot!
St. Peter's Basilica
Pieta - my most favorite piece of art
Tomb of Pope John Paul II
School of Athens
Linda and me in the museum
  • Girls About Rome - October 7th
    Also can be called Singing in the Rain.  Our effort to see everything we missed in a single day!
One of the churches we just walked into
Trevi Fountain - loved this.  Glad I went at night because the next day was crowded and rainy!
Inside of the Pantheon
Spanish Steps - not too impressed but it was rainy and the church was being repaired
Aunt Marian in front of the Pantheon