Disney World 2007
This year I had bookend visits to Disney World.

January - I went with Bernie, Shawn and Michael.  Shawn really loved the Jungle Cruise and Michael really
liked the rapid ride in Animal Kingdom.

December -  I went with Brian, Loida, Joseph, Jeremy, Justin and Brianna.  Jeremy was really into taking
pictures with the characters - 2005 he hid under the table.  We were really into the pin trading . . .

It was a very nice year!
January 2007 - Bernie, Shawn, and Michael
December 2007 - Brian, Loida, Joseph, Jeremy, Justin and Brianna
Shawn and Michael at Shades of Green
Shawn and Michael at Animal Kingdom
Michael on the Rapids
Shawn and Michael in front of the Tree of Life
Waiting for the bus
Shawn at MGM
Shawn at the jungle Cruise - his favorite ride!
Bernie, Shawn and Michael
Bernie, Shawn and Michael
I wonder who won the race?
Joseph, Jeremy and Cinderella
Jeremy and his girlfriend Cinderella
Too cute!
Justin playing and not riding rides
Jeremy having fun
Spinning in the cups
Everyone to the side of the castle and stare into the sun!
Joseph, Jeremy, Brianna, Brian and Piglet too
Justin, Jeremy, Brianna, and Tigger
Me, Justin, Jeremy and Winnie the Pooh
Everyone to the other side of the castle!
The gang in front of the castle
On Mainstreet
Waiting for Magic Kingdom to open
Jeremy and Justin with Buzz
My two cool nephews
Florida Christmas Tree
Brianna and Chip
Michael and a Mouse who is not Minnie
Bernie and a Mouse who is not Mickey
in Cinderella's Castle
With Minnie and Gooofy