Disney World 2005
I have nothing to add.  Enjoy the pictures!
On the bus
Joseph and me on Buzz - I'm sure Brian beat our score
Jeremy and Brian at the Indy Speedway
Is that Babe Ruth or Joseph?
At the Living Seas
Joseph and Mickey
working hard or hardly working
Jeremy's Spiderman pose
at Epcot - Loida must be taking the picture or she had enough and left us
Rockin Roller Coaster - waiting for us to get off
Santa and Mrs Claus
Christmas Lights - I mean a blinding amount of them!
My boys
Spinning on the tea cups
The gang at Epcot
Loida, Jeremy, Justin, Biran and Joseph at Epcot
Joseph and his new girlfriend Sleeping Beauty
One of my favorote pictures - the background almost looks fake!
Joseph and the tree at Animal Kingdom
Joseph and Jeremy deciding who gets which room
We told him to look happy - he must have thought we said scared!
Justin on the Carousel
Two-timing his girlfriend Sleeping Beauty
Joseph wouldn't ride it so he just took a picture
My favorite ride!
Jeremy looks cold!